Virtual World

This is not your average virtual conference. At AMS Fest we use Event Farm, an immersive online platform. This virtual campus connects you with other attendees, sponsors, and speakers just as you would in the real world. Using your avatar (yes! you create an avatar that looks just like you!) you’re able to work, collaborate and talk exactly as you would do at in-person conference. You’ll hear presentations in the auditorium, have the opportunity to meet privately with sponsors in their offices, or chat with other attendees in a group (or private) setting. Not to mention there are some pretty fun elements to this virtual world: you can have a luau on the beach, play a soccer game with other executives, have a boat race with your colleague, enter a  dance contest with sponsors, the list goes on and on! Don’t just take our word for it- check out the video below:

All you need is your computer, a working microphone, and a little creative energy! 

Check out some pictures from our last virtual event: