fusionSpan is a leading association technology consulting and development organization, here to solve your AMS problems. How can we help?Starting with a new platform

  • -Setting it up based on your business in place of the AMS vendor
  • -Project managing staff to ensure a successful launch
  • -Configuring/customizing to meet business requirements

Operating a platform

  • -Supporting staff with day to day challenges
  • -Standardize and document current processes
  • -Assessing how best to meet new business tasks
  • -Managing issues with the platform
  • -Provide training around your processes

Enhancing a platform

  • -Customizations of the platform to meet specialized business needs
  • -Managed integrations via fusionConnect
  • -Custom reporting via platform or third party BI tool
  • Contact Person: Gayathri Kher
  • Email: gkher@fusionspan.com
  • Phone: 202-804-6769
  • Web: https://www.fusionspan.com/