Most Association Management platforms make you choose between having a powerful financial system or an effortless membership process. We believe that the financial impact should serve as the foundation for management of any organization without compromising member experience. This is how MemberPlex was born, to help you make better decisions for your organization.

MemberPlex is an all-encompassing IT Business solution that combines the award-winning Accounting and ERP capabilities of NetSuite, with a custom built AMS module designed to handle memberships, subscriptions and events; the key success areas for any association. Our solution enables organizations to deliver more value to their customers through a single fully integrated platform.

Why MemberPlex?
-Invest in a scalable, customizable solution to serve your organization today and tomorrow
-Leverage an industry-leading financial solution
-Keep all key data in one place and deliver more value through a single fully integrated platform
-Enjoy the freedom to choose and integrate with third-party systems
-Gain key data insight through robust reporting capabilities and customize data on role-basis
-Simplify membership lifecycle with automated billing
-Delight your members with an easy-to-use member portal for managing personal information, interests, committees, membership, orders, and more!

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